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"Beating yourself up every time you eat the wrong food or obsessing about what you shouldn"t eat are negative thoughts that can sabotage your weight loss efforts. Your attitude on fat loss is critical. A positive attitude can eliminate dread and make it easier to lose weight and keep it off. Fat loss is easy in that it comes down to the science of how your body works. Fat loss is difficult as it requires hard work, consistency and patience or it is not going to happen.
Like any attitude that focuses on a favorable or unfavorable evaluation, your attitude about your health summarizes whether you feel it is excellent, good, fair, or poor. A positive outlook about losing weight should be to enjoy life as a healthier person. Body dysmorphic disorder is a health condition where you can"t stop thinking about a flaw that appears minor or cannot seen by others. But, you feel embarrassed, ashamed or anxious about your negative body image.
Learn to Say No to Protect Your Positivity
There are countless ways you can work on body positivity, and you"ll have to find out what works for you. To get started on your journey, try these tips:
Size doesn"t matter, so love, respect, and appreciate yourself every day.
A positive body image can help you avoid developing a negative attitude.
Learn to recognize real hunger and satiety signals to avoid overeating.
Boundaries are essential, so say NO when you need to protect yourself.
You have value, so accept that others are no better or worse than you are.
Give yourself credit where credit is due to build a stronger self-image.
Dramatizing your situation won"t help, so be levelheaded and keep it real.
Eating smaller portions of the right foods is what matters the most.
Your goal for a positive relationship with food is to exhibit a positive mindset rather than a negative one. Have patience and manage your impulses to avoid feelings of shame or guilt."

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