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"Being a member of the adoption circle (birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted persons) can bring some unique life challenges. For many individuals, these challenges are compelling. Adoption-related issues tend to arise and recede at several points in both the individual and the family life cycle.Jean brings thirty-four years of personal and professional experience in the adoption field. She wants to help you and those you love process what has happened in the past and find meaning and wholeness in the present. She works in the format that best serves you: individual, couple or family counseling, or a combination.
Counseling can help if you:
are parenting a child who is sad and/or angry about loss of the birth family
find yourself ambivalent about claiming your adopted child
are parenting a child who is not strongly attached to you
are an adoptive parent who finds it difficult to literally or psychologically share the child with the birth family
are in the life phase of "launching" your adopted teen
are considering beginning a search for or reunion with a birth parent
are a birth parent with unresolved grief issues
are in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy and are deciding whether to parent or to make an adoption plan for the child
are an adopted person of any age who wants more clarity on any of the core issues of adoption"

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