Age Regression Hypnotherapy

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""Want to clear away any energy from your past to support you in healing now?""Ever wonder how your past life experiences may be influencing you today?""Are you holding on to something you just can"t let and don"t know why?"Sometimes the barriers in our present life difficulties don"t originate here. It is common for lifelong barriers (especially irrational fears, unexplained beliefs/behaviors/feelings to be rooted in previous life experiences which we carry through cell memory. Allow me to guide you through a past life journey using a variety of hypnotherapy and energy clearing techniques. Together, we will explore and learn from your past life to support you in letting go of anything that no longer serves you regression hypnotherapy is sometimes also appropriate to better understand how earlier experiences in this life contribute and influence current functioning. Most of us have incomplete or absent memories from our early childhood years. We can access these memories through re-visiting earlier years through age regression hypnotherapy."

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