An Oral Appliance May Help You Avoid A CPAP

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Sleep apnea makes it difficult to get restful sleep and causes other issues but dealing with a noisy machine is miserable too. Get relief without a CPAP.
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"The truth is, dealing with sleep apnea is miserable. But how is it any better when the best treatment you can get is a machine that hooks up to your face while you"re trying to sleep?Maybe your inconvenient CPAP or other sleep apnea device is making it difficult to sleep
Or even worse, maybe you're putting off getting sleep apnea treatment altogether because you don"t want to deal with a device.
In light to moderate cases of sleep apnea, oral appliances can help you breathe better while sleeping without the need for a CPAP or other breathing machine. Our appliances are custom-fitted to you.
With a successful oral appliance treatment you will:
Sleep better
Feel less fatigued
Be more productive
Avoid a noisy device"

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