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"Asking for some help is a great way to begin!
Do you keep on struggling with the painful things that happened to you as a child, such as a painful relationship with an aloof or hurtful parent?
Have you endured other traumatic events as an adult and just cannot get back to normal?
Is it a big struggle, if not a thing that can feel just plain impossible, to be grounded in who you are and speak your own mind with a clear voice?
Do you want to learn how to take control of your life and stop choosing unhealthy relationships?
Or maybe move on in a healthier way after recovering from a relationship in which you felt you were doing all of the work?
Could you use some help learning how to engage in healthier relationship patterns when it comes to conflict and communication?
Do you feel lost in your relationships and as though your own needs don"t matter?
Are healthy boundaries a struggle for you to set, let alone maintain?
Have you begun to see that over-functioning and codependence are issues for you and would like to gain skills for ending these repetitive patterns?
If you answered yes to a few or even all of the above questions Let"s get going on creating positive, life skills-based change that will keep you moving forward toward emotional freedom and happiness!"

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