Bowel and Bladder Issues

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"Adult Incontinence Care:
There"s more to life than looking for the nearest bathroom.
Do you find yourself searching for the restroom sign more than you"d like to? Bladder control problems can be an unfortunate and undesired result of natural processes such as aging and childbirth, or the result of medical conditions, surgery, or other health issues.
"Control" problems can limit one"s lifestyle because of the management required to regulate or compensate for less than desired situations that may arise. Leaking, the need to wear incontinence pads, and that constant need to look for "the next restroom" are a just a couple of the unfortunate realities of this embarrassing condition. Fortunately, at Pelvic Wellness Center, we understand that bladder and bowel control issues are common within certain patient populations, but they certainly are not normal.
Why should I go to Physical Therapy for bladder control and incontinence care?
Over 80% of our patients, within just 4-8 treatment sessions reach their "control" goals. The specialized, conservative physical therapy treatments we provide generally consist of individually prescribed exercise instruction, biofeedback, and simple behavior
modification strategies.
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