But just like air, I rise.

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Quoted From: https://www.krystalignbody.com/blog/lovewins

"Selfcare is how we rise.

We often choose to put everyone"s needs ahead of our own.

Often we choose providing for our future , our families, our friendswhile disconnecting from our own needs.

Our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual needs often go by the wayside while we focus on making enough money to get by.

Of course our financial health matters, but have you ever noticed how everything around us is telling us we need more and more?

How do we rise from this system? How do we find peace? How do we find balance?

WE choose to nourish ourselves. FIRST.

WE choose to take the best care of our selves.
Welcome to the movement.

I had the big wake up call when I was in my early twenties.

At some point we surrender.

We say "I can"t do all of it on my own."

And we get the help we need.
After much healing work (and it never ends, I"ll tell you that upfront) I made the shift from people-pleasing performer to listening within, shedding layers of myself, and stepping fully into my role as the healing artist you see today.
Are you ready to take your health back?

Are you ready to see a world of happy, shiny people?"

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