Codependency and setting boundaries with your loved ones

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"Individual therapy is used to resolve and heal through the barriers that are keeping you from being your best self. This model offers a one-on-one opportunity to discuss your needs in a private environment, with a counselor who is unbiased and non-judgmental. Some clients seek individual counseling for marital issues when their partner is unable or unwilling to attend couple"s therapy. Others seek counseling for healing of past wounds, changing old patterns, and finding peace.
Specialty areas:
Uncovering patterns that have led to unhealthy relationships
Contemplating a break-up or divorce
Recovering from divorce or broken relationships
Navigating the dating scene and healthy ways to find a lasting partner
Codependency and setting boundaries with your loved ones
Other areas of focus:
Managing stress, anxiety, and other "unwanted" emotions
Learning skills to move through life transitions, such as marriage, divorce, education, empty-nest, job changes and relocations.
Unpacking trauma and other issues related to family of origin and family dynamics
Reducing symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and other symptoms that have made life difficult to manage
Increasing confidence and self-worth"

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