Don't Be A Hostage

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"Have you ever found yourself excited about a new venture? You dream about what it will be like when you open your new business. Or you visualize finishing your book or celebrating at your first art show.
But then you start doubting yourself. After all, you failed before, right? Might not even be the same project, but you start pinning your current likelihood of success to a past failure.
You become a hostage to a past that might not even be accurate. Our memories are slippery. I feel like I have a good memory so was surprised to learn that I might be deluding myself. Have you seen the recent research about memory? Turns out most of us trust our memory more than we should. So it"s especially sad when we get stopped by a story from our past that has warped with time.
When change happens (or you want change to happen) you might feel triggered remembering past experiences, disappointments, and fears. As seductive as the past can be it"s the now that is rich with information that can lead you toward your purpose, toward your dreams.
Coming back to the moment and knowing how to gather those nuggets is a skill to hone.
I"m curious. Do you feel like you"ve let the past (real or imagined) keep you from your dream and goals?"

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