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You may be given the DUII Diversion option if this is your first time offense. There are many variables that the D../court considers if/when offering this option. There is never a guarantee that a DUII Diversion will be presented as an option. If you have signed a DUII Diversion agreement, you are agreeing to the terms of the agreement, which requires substance-use counseling /DUII treatment. If you satisfy the terms of the DUII Diversion agreement, then the DUII offense may be able to be removed from your record at a later date, assuming you have no new offenses. A DUII Conviction is usually assigned when a person obtains multiple DUII"s, has a history of substance abuse legal problems, and/or has a high blood alcohol content at the time of the arrest. When participating in the ADSS Evaluation, the ADSS may either mark DUII Education or DUII Rehabilitation on their referral form. Whatever "recommendation" is made by the ADSS, ultimately, the Substance-use Assessment, facilitated by the DUII treatment provider, determines the final recommendation. Oregon Health Authority Administrative Rules allow the DUII treatment provider to determine the appropriate and final level of care through evidence-based diagnostic and level of care placement tools, such as DSM-5 and ASAM."

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