Energy Transfer Reset

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"The ETR Spirit Team does the heavy lifting as they go into your energy field and your body and remove most frequencies below 5D. Most humans average over 10,000 incarnations. Every time we make a decision during an incarnation, we create a new timeline of probabilities. Therefore, across 10,000 incarnations we create quadrillions of timelines which hold frequencies. It is the low frequencies that cause us problems.The ETR Spirit Team removes most frequencies below the 5D. The ETR also removes blockages, implants, attachments, cords, and tags. If you have a dark entity attached to your energy field the entity is removed and the tear in your energy field is repaired. Next, they"ll stream high-frequency energy to you. Different Star Seed families will use different rainbow-healing-colored frequencies to help you release old programing, thoughts, and habits.The reset takes us back to the pure state we were in when we were first created, before we started incarnating and having all of the challenging situations that we"ve all faced in many lifetimes."

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