Everything Is Energy

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Quoted From: https://www.ourstorytherapy.com/emotion-code-eft-tapping-in-portland-oregon

"According to traditional Eastern Medicine, the life force energy that circulates throughout the universe and within our bodies is called Qi, Ki or Prana. This vital energy flows along pathways called meridians that connect the major organ systems. The flow of energy can become blocked by trauma, negative emotions, high stress, addiction and poor diet. When the right amount of energy is flowing, we are in a state of homeostasis, which improves our health and mental health.
According to Quantum Physics everything is made of energy, including our bodies and emotions. Every emotion vibrates at a different frequency. Shame and fear are the lowest and love and gratitude are the highest. If you have trapped anger, shame or abandonment, you may be sending out the frequency of those emotions. Others can sense your emotional vibration without your awareness and this affects how they perceive you. When you send out the frequencies of love, joy and gratitude, you will resonate with people who also radiate these frequencies."

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