Families in Recovery

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Quoted From: http://www.creeksidecounseling.com/projects

"Families in Recovery programming is incorporated into our outpatient treatment program to address the inherent issues of patients who were raised by, or are currently in a relationship with, a dysfunctional individual(s). In a group setting, the patient and family will address the personal ramifications of recovery from the trauma of dysfunctional living. Effective communication, coping with anger, guilt, grief and loss issues, as well as self-care in recovery are addressed. This is a required component of both the adolescent and adult outpatient program.Our Relapse Prevention program is based on the Gorski model of relapse prevention. Patients will learn to recognize their specific relapse dynamics and develop a written relapse prevention plan in a group process to facilitate their own recovery.Gender-Specific groups are designed to address the specific treatment and recovery issues for both men and women in a safe, supportive environment that recognizes the need of the individual to explore issues of addiction and recovery relevant to their gender. These groups are for both adult and adolescent."

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