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"Substance use not only affects the individual who is using, but also those close to the individual. Working collaboratively as a family is essential to long-term success and sobriety. Family counseling provides a guided forum to address substance use issues, effects on the family, and provides skills, tools, and resources on how to specifically cope as a family.
Family Drug Counseling
Often times, families are lost and unsure what to do or where to turn when faced with substance use. Some family members attempt to help the family member suffering by enabling, which can worsen the substance use. Some family members are incapable of establishing and maintaining boundaries. Other family members often experience a disconnect with the family member who are using substances and are unsure how to communication a clear message. These are just some of the difficult issues that families experience.
Our professional experienced family drug counselors like to first meet with the family member who is using substances to determine their primary needs for treatment. We then invite family members to participate in family counseling. It is unlikely that all issues are addressed in a single session. This may include multiple sessions, as we present an array of evidenced-based treatment models and tools. Topics may include helping versus enabling, establishing and enforcing boundaries, safety planning, effective communication, thinking errors, processing, and identification of undercurrent feelings."

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