Goodbye Spider Veins

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"Weight gain, heredity, pregnancy,
hormonal changes, trauma, and
prolonged sitting or standing are all
factors that contribute to the
development of visible spider veins.
While staying active can provide some
measure of prevention, varicose and spider
veins are common and frequently
Affecting half the population, spider
veins are thread-like purple/red broken
blood vessels or blue/green larger
They can develop on the legs and may look
like thin branches or strands of a spider web.
Spider veins are mainly a cosmetic issue, but
for some people, they can become very
uncomfortable and can cause aching,
burning, swelling, and leg cramping.
Spider veins develop from a backflow of blood in the veins, a condition that results from damaged valves in the veins. As blood collects in these veins, their walls become enlarged and as a result, the size of the veins increases and makes them visible under the surface of the skin.
During the treatment, we inject a sclerosing (salt) solution into the vein through a tiny needle which irritates the lining of the vessel and causes it to collapse. This leads to a healing process and the vein gradually fades. Some veins disappear completely while others fade significantly. You may require several sclerotherapy treatments to achieve optimal results."

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