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"Maybe the word Akashic sounds like Greek to you, but it actually comes from the Sanskrit word akasha. According to Linda Howe in Discover Your Soul"s Path through the Askachic Records it is "an energetic archive, a dimension of consciousness, that tells the story of your soul"s journey through space and time as a human being."
Imagine everything you"ve ever thought, felt, said, or done recorded in a big library out in the ethers. Then imagine that it also catalogues those same variables for every life your soul has lived as well as possible futures. Think of it as a spiritual resource, a vibrational record.
If you"ve ever felt stuck, unsure, or confused you can see how that kind of information would be useful. I"ve noticed a few themes in the readings I"ve given.
Purpose. My clients inquire about whether they"re headed in the right direction with their lives. Maybe you can relate to wanting confirmation or to knowing whether you"re missing something important. Sometimes we"re so close to our gifts and strengths that we might not see a direction that is open to us.
Understanding what"s happening (or not happening) in your life. Maybe you"re wondering why your business hasn"t taken off. Perhaps you feel frustrated that your soul mate hasn"t shown up or that a relationship feels challenging.
Clear out blocks. Sometimes we uncover a contract, belief, or energy that blocks you. Could be keeping money, success, good health, or relationship happiness at bay. During the readings we clear baggage from this life, as well as past lives, so you can live the life you want to live. I"ve seen these clearings impact physical health, emotional angst, and mental calm.
We"ll start our session by chatting for a few minutes about your questions. Next, we"ll move into a short opening meditation to help us get grounded and to connect with the records. After we connect with the records I"ll invite the guides to speak. While some intuitive readers impart information from their intuition or from specific guides, my readings are more of a conversation between the guides, you, and myself.
What to Expect
Sometimes the guides are ready to speak right away. Other times we"ll start by asking questions. Sometimes they will ask you for input. The guides will sometimes perform healing or prompt me to do energy clearing. We might end up doing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping) or coaching. We might visit past or future lives as well. It"s always an affirming adventure. Every reading looks different and will depend what your guides feel is in your best interest and your questions."

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