Marijuana Addiction Treatment: Breaking the Habit of Marijuana Addiction

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"Over the last few decades, the public view of marijuana has shifted in a major way. What was once an illegal substance whose possession could land you in jail for a long time has shifted to a more culturally acceptable substance for adults to consume in both medical and recreational situations.
In the last decade in particular, we have seen a number of states (including Oregon) approve the sale of medical and recreational marijuana while adding a special tax to the drug. Think of this in the same way most states tax alcohol or tobacco products.
Despite marijuana being legal for medical and recreational consumption in Oregon, this does not mean it doesn"t come with its share of baggage. Consuming anything in excess, even if it is legal, can be unsafe and lead to some potentially serious habits and consequences.
Both alcohol and prescription medications are legal but, as we know, can have some very serious consequences and the potential for misuse. Can the same be said about marijuana?"

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