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"What is it?
Myopathic therapy is a method for reducing residual tension (tension above normal in soft tissue) and evaluation of muscle tension without the use of oil, lotions, powder or cream.
What does it do?
It is designed to provide quick and permanent relief for soft tissue damage in personal injury cases, sports injuries and aches and pains caused from years of declining health (where surgery is not indicated).
How does it do that?
We are in agreement that normal health depends on normal body structure. Pain is caused from inflammation. Inflammation is caused from disturbances in blood and nerve supply to a specific area. All blood supply and nerve supply travels through muscle tissue, muscle tissue is the only tissue in the body that can become tense or retain tension. Therefore, it seems reasonable to believe that residual tension (tension above normal) residing in muscle tissue, interferes with normal blood, and nerve supply, causing inflammation and symptoms of pain.
So, what is the solution? Restore normal blood and nerve supply and the inflammation and symptoms of pain will disappear. All we are doing is reducing residual tension.
How long does it take and what else is involved?
Muscle tissue has memory. This memory has to be changed to regain normal blood and nerve supply and restore elasticity and function. The length of time depends on:
Length of time symptom of pain has been present
Proper nutrition
Proper exercise
Medications currently taken
Deterioration of organs and tissues from the medication
Other factors
What kind of techniques do you use?
The techniques used include specific muscular manipulation, range of motion, and joint mobilization. Basically, the technique addresses the large belly of the muscle as well as lengthening and shortening of the muscles.
Causes of progressive and residual tension in muscle tissue
Repetitive motion
Imbalance in muscle tissue
Lack of exorcise and/or inactivity
Personal injury
Automobile and/or other accidents
Cold temperatures
Other factors"

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