No Such Thing as Too Old: The Effect of Age on Libido

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If you're dissatisfied with your sex life because of a drop in your libido - fear not! There are several nonsurgical treatments available to help you get your
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"The loss of sexual desire in women can start as early as your 40s, but not everyone has the same experience. Some women may notice a sudden and significant change in their libido, while others may not experience any shift in their sex drive.
Libido changes in women can occur because of a decline in their hormone levels during their transition to menopause. A loss of estrogen may increase your risk for persistent vaginal dryness and a reduction in natural lubrication, which can make sex painful.
Low estrogen levels can also factor in the emotional part of your intimate moments. Women who experience hot flashes or night sweats may not feel motivated to have sex or struggle with self-esteem or self-confidence issues that affect their interest in sex.
Other factors that influence a woman"s libido as they age include:
Chronic disease
Unhealthy diet
Poor quality of sleep
Use of certain medications
Depression, other mental health disorders, and traumatic experiences can also contribute to changes in a woman"s sex drive as she gets older."

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