Oral hygiene isn't a 'one and done' deal

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"Oral hygiene isn"t a "one and done" deal. If you want an enduring healthy smile, you"ll need to take good care of your teeth for life. Even then, there may come a time when you need a tooth extraction. Dental trauma, untreated decay, and gum disease are just a few factors that could lead to losing natural teeth.
Situations That Warrant Tooth Removal
Severely decayed or infected teeth If your tooth can"t be treated with a filling or restored by root canal therapy, it will need to be extracted to keep the infection from spreading
Problematic wisdom teeth Wisdom teeth removal may be necessary if these teeth are impacted, infected, painful or threatening the health of nearby teeth
Severely damaged tooth A tooth that"s sustained severe damage due to dental trauma may need to be extracted as it could open the door for oral infection that can spread to healthy teeth. Dr. Jadeja offers emergency tooth extraction services for dental injuries when needed
Crowded teeth If you"re planning to have orthodontic treatment, one or more teeth may need to be removed to make space for crooked teeth to be straightened."

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