Perinatal Tissue Therapy

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"Oregonians are curious, if not downright excited about perinatal tissue therapy. And, we should be. It"s likely that the continued development of perinatal tissue therapies to control or eliminate pain, to treat diabetic neuropathy, to abate addiction and more will ultimately be the defining medical advancement of our generation, just as was the polio vaccine and other global medical game changers.
What is Perinatal TissueTherapy?
Perinatal tissue therapy is the process over time where new healthy cells are introduced into our body with a specific goal, such as increasing peripheral blood flow in the legs of a diabetic or reducing plaque buildup in a heart patient.
Perinatal tissue is introduced over a period of weeks, slowly ramping up the body"s ability to heal itself.
These treatments are delivered by injection in our professional office with minimal discomfort and no downtime.
The Mayo Clinic, in this article, does a good job explaining the basics of perinatal tissue therapy, as well as why scientists and doctors are so excited about the current treatments and those that are being researched.
Perinatal tissue therapy is, can and will completely change the way that we deal with injuries and illnesses today and in the future.
For example, perinatal tissue therapy is very common as part of cancer treatment protocols. Perinatal tissue is used during and after chemotherapy to help the patient"s own healing process move faster. This helps the patient"s health and comfort during chemotherapy as well as improving post-treatment recovery."

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