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"When Should Pregnant Women See Their OB/GYN?
Pregnant women should see the OB/GYN as soon as they known (or suspect) that they are pregnant. Ideally, the first visit will occur about 8 weeks after a woman's last menstrual period. At Salem Women's Clinic, the team is dedicated to making sure that expectant moms have all the care that they need during the early and middle part of their pregnancy. They care for patients up until the 28th week of pregnancy. From the first prenatal visit until week 28 prenatal visit, appointments are usually scheduled every 4 weeks.
What Should a Pregnant Woman Eat?
Women should make sure that they eat healthy during pregnancy. While it might seem like a chance to indulge in otherwise forbidden food, it's important to remember that the baby is getting all the same nutrients that the mom is. Empty calories from junk foods aren't good for either of them. Certain foods should be avoided, including any fish that contain mercury. This usually includes mackerel, swordfish, and shark. Other foods that should be avoided during pregnancy include processed meats, fake sweeteners, and unpasteurized milk or cheese. While it's usually okay to eat most meats during pregnancy, foods should always be well done rather than rare or medium. Veggies are fine during pregnancy, but they should always be washed thoroughly.
What Type of Exercise Can Pregnant Women Do?
Pregnant women can engage in most types of exercise, especially during their first 2 trimesters. As long as the exercise is done in reasonable amounts, it's usually okay. It's always best to discuss exercise and eating plans with the doctor to make sure that these things are approached as safely as possible.
What Kind of Medication is Safe During Pregnancy?
All medications should be discussed with the doctor. This even includes herbal supplements and all natural remedies. The doctor can recommend solutions that are safe for pain, indigestion, nausea, and other common pregnancy issues."

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