Private Yoga Therapy

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"Yoga therapy offers you tools to navigate your own healing & transform your health & wellness.
While group yoga classes are plentiful, diverse in style, & beneficial, they cannot always meet the unique needs of the individual. Even gentle yoga classes might be overwhelming for some beginners with specific needs.
A yoga therapy session may include, but is not limited to
consultation regarding expectations & limitations
instruction in static or dynamic postures
use of modified or adaptive postures
restful restorative postures
guided meditation
Each session is uniquely tailored to your needs on that particular day. Yoga therapy systematically addresses a client"s physical, mental and emotional states and needs. Individuals with specific goals can benefit greatly through targeted yoga practice above and beyond what is currently available in classrooms.
This healing modality is beneficial for all ages, from the high-performance athlete to those recovering from injury or want to prevent injury."

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