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Quoted From: https://practicallyenlightenedyou.com/services/purposeful-yoga/

"Whether you"re crystal clear about your purpose OR you feel that there"s more you"re supposed to be doing, yoga can serve as your ally.You must align with your purpose in order to fulfill it. Yoga offers the perfect body, mind, spirit support tool.
This is not your normal yoga class. Yes, you"ll stretch and pay attention to your breath and other yoga stuff like that. But our focus will be on deepening the clarity of your purpose, on claiming balance in your life, on connecting with the divine support that exists for your purpose And in the process you"ll also stretch your hamstrings, boost your immune system, and strengthen your back. Pretty cool, huh?"Purposeful Yoga is a masterful blend of meditation, breathwork, and yoga for every body at every stage of practice. Sharon"s seemingly effortless guidance weaves each personal goal into an artful class tapestry, leading each person to a refreshed, restored, and rejuvenated experience. It"s always a great group of women that find their way to Sharon"s class, and I feel comfortable both socializing and staying quiet to myself depending on my needs that particular day.Purposeful Yoga helps me be more present both in my work and with my important relationships. It"s the one self-care piece I never cut out and it carries me throughout my week. I highly recommend Purposeful Yoga to anyone needing some zen in their life! ""

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