Suffering with depression?

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"If you are dealing with depression, you may start your morning out of a sense of obligation in a state of numbness; you"re just going through the motions, frequently you are out of bed earlier than everyone else, waking up while the rest of the world is still sleeping.
The quietness of the house prompts you to return to bed, where you lay awake thinking about your life, the internal struggles of guilt, shame, and disappointment.
Believing you are worthless and your life is a mistake, an error that death can correct. Even simple tasks seem like a huge undertaking.
Daily events like bathing, brushing your teeth, changing your clothes, and eating seems like a burden; they just aren"t worth the effort.
Your moments turn into hours and then days of melancholy.
Depression is more than just a sad moment or temporary grief.
Depression is like living with concrete blocks attached to your feet and being expected to run a marathon. It"s like living every moment in a dark hole, unable to see anything other than the dark impassable wall in front of you.
Depression is an invisible disability and can be life-threatening.
Depression is treatable and can be cured!"

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