The Manock Integrative Method

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"What is the MIM?
The Manock Integrative Method (MIM) is an integration of psychology, neurobiology, and theology, developed out of the 40 years of pastoring, counseling and doctorate level research work done by Dr. David I. Manock. It is a hybridized theory combining 3 researched-backed and relationally-oriented counse
Attachment Theory (AT)
Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)
Intersubjectivity (IS)
and building them upon a foundation of:
Neurobiology (NB)
Theology/Image of God (IoG)
The MIM is based upon an integrative approach that draws from the science of relationship and theology of relationship. The former discloses the nature, structure, and dynamic of the human, who is neuro-wired for relationship; the latter reveals how humans are created for relationship."

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