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Quoted From: https://practicallyenlightenedyou.com/is-this-you/

"It"s not that your life is a big disaster. Much of it iss actually quite wonderful. Maybe you"re in a home that you love, spend quality time with family and friends, and travel to interesting places You might have trained for work you love, even own your own business.
But still there"s something missing. That missing something may be concrete. You"re tired of working in a job that is just a job. Your business has left you depleted, out of shape, and overwhelmed. Your dream business or life has stayed just that, a dream.
Maybe you"re not even sure what"s missing. It"s more of a gut feeling.
You feel you came to this world to make a difference, to leave your mark, to touch people"s lives. You don"t want to be someone who just lives. You don"t want the bland, beige, boring life. You want a vibrant 100-watt life!"

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