Transitional Care

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"When a loved-one is discharged from a hospital or facility, their recovery isn"t necessarily complete once they return home. In fact, it's often just beginning. Readjusting to daily routines can be stressful and increases the risk of an avoidable re-admission.Regular visits to the doctor and any necessary follow-up appointments are important to a successful recovery. If your loved one needs a ride, we can provide one. If they need reminding that they have an appointment, transportation to the store or to visit with friends, we do that too.Improper use of medications can lead to a slower recovery. We can pick medications up at the pharmacy and help make sure that your loved one is taking the medications they need, when they need them.Eating nutritious meals is very important to maintaining good health. It becomes even more important when special dietary requirements are necessary, such as with diabetes or congestive heart failure. We can help ensure compliance with any post-discharge nutrition orders by preparing meals to meet your loved one's specific needs."

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