Treating the whole person

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"Exceptional care means going above and beyond. Each person's cancer experience is different. We customize treatment and support plans for everyone that walks through our doors. Besides receiving medical treatment from oncologists, you'll meet with specialists that will help with everything else.
Nurse navigators
Cancer nurse navigators are certified oncology nurses with decades of experience. They provide education about your diagnosis, help you identify needs, and assist with problem solving.
Oncology counselor
An oncology counselor helps you and your family with emotional wellness. They are here to provide counseling, teach coping strategies, and support you throughout your cancer journey.
Resource coordinator
A resource coordinator provides resources on financial assistance for prescriptions, treatment and transportation.
Registered dietitian
A registered dietitian helps you optimize your nutrition during treatment and combat treatment-related side-effects.
Peer support volunteers
Peer support volunteers are trained volunteers available to listen, encourage, and share their experiences as fellow survivors.
Ask your nurse navigator or another cancer support member about connecting with a peer support volunteer."

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