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"Many survivors find they are in need of a safe and secret place for themselves and their children to stay. It may not be safe for them to stay another night under the same roof as their abuser. Even after fleeing, some survivors may still be in danger if their abuser knows where they are living. We offer emergency shelter for survivors of abuse who are in immediate danger. Often when people hear the word "shelter" they think of a large dormitory with hundreds of beds and no privacy. Our shelter is a home, you wouldn"t know it was a shelter from the outside. And while it can be a hectic and busy place, shelter advocates strive to make it a welcoming space.Shelter guests are provided with food, clothes, linens, and hygiene products while they stay with us. Shelter advocates also offer peer-counseling, advocacy, and referrals to other community resources to the hundreds of survivors who stay with us every year.Every survivor who stays at our shelter agrees to keep the location confidential. While their are a few guidelines that we ask shelter residents to follow, we try to make each person"s stay as positive as possible. We understand that survivors have to put themselves and their children first and carry on with their everyday responsibilities like work and school."

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