What is ABA therapy?

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Quoted From: https://adventureswithautism.net/faqs

"ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis is a behavioral science that researches the most effective ways to reduce or improve a variety of behaviors, such as aggression, communication, self-stimulatory behaviors, etc. ABA therapy uses scientifically validated approaches and interventions and applies them to everyday environments to help individuals.BA therapy programs are comprehensive and cover a variety of areas in which a child needs to be successful. Skills are broken down into small steps. These steps are then arranged into a clear and logical hierarchy and taught one by one. These areas include: Language skills, Behavioral skills, Cognitive/Academic skills, Social skills, Self Help/Daily Living skills, Motor skills, and Play/Leisure skills. The overall goal for ABA services should always be that the child is learning to learn.
How much growth will I see?
This is more than a question for us. It is an attitude and intention that we breathe, envision and strive to make possible for each individual and his/her family. Using the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, we individually develop a program model that treats each person for their own unique set of needs.
We address the characteristics of ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) and other neurodevelopment and behavioral disorders from the perspective that all children can learn. It is up to us, as accountable professionals, through on-going collaboration with other professional service providers to discover the learning modalities that will enhance the skill development (cognitive, behavioral, and developmental) of each individual. Once these modalities are identified, we are then able to put the structures in place to maximize the individual"s potential across people, settings and environments."

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