What is Energy Work?

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Quoted From: https://www.desertrosemassage.com/energy-work

"Working with your "angel wings" helps support you in focusing on your inner light and spirit; as a Reiki Master I recognize energy patterns and connect with the energy field. We work together to facilitate your connection with your own spirit on a deeper level as you connect with and experience the physical body you live in. We tune your energy field to vibrate in a more harmonious manner.
Channeling information from guides and angels; often through tones, song and words and Light Language allows you to answer your questions and inform your journey. I dance with the subtle energy field that goes beyond the physical and incorporates the physical and non-physical in the healing process. We are joyful beings in a quantum universe. I work with you in a manner to bridge both the physical and non-physical worlds encouraging you to dream your world into being."

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