When Should We Seek Relationship Counselling?

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Quoted From: https://thriveworks.com/salem-therapy/couples-marriage-counseling/

"A common misconception is that couples therapy is only for couples who are having major problems in their relationship. In truth, relationship counseling offers you the opportunity to get to better know your partner, yourself, and both of your concerns and needs. It can be helpful whether your relationship is on the brink of disaster or could just use a tune-up.
There are many reasons why a couple might seek counseling. These can include:
Issues managing joint finances
Ineffective communication
Arguments that never seem to resolve
Lack of trust
Issues with cheating and infidelity
Dissatisfaction with sex life or intimacy
Conflicting parenting styles
Life planning issues
Premarital problems
Both new couples and established couples can benefit from taking the time and energy to nurture and develop their relationship with their significant other."

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