Why do my child and I fight all the time?

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"Psychological evaluations use interviews and a wide array of assessment tools to clarify diagnoses, illuminate underlying processes, and guide treatment. In short, psychological evaluations provide a way of answering a psychological question about a person. Some possible questions for psychological testing might include:
What is underlying my child's depression, anxiety, or concerning behaviors?
Does my child have a particular diagnosis (for example, ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, bipolar disorder, PTSD, etc.)?
Why do my child and I fight all the time?
How is my divorce impacting my child?
What are my child's thinking strengths and weaknesses?
How can I best support my child as a parent?
How have my child's early experiences impacted them?
What kind of treatment would be most helpful for my child?
How is my unique history impacting me as a pare"

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