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"Alcohol use disorder is quickly becoming a widespread problem in the United States. Some statistics say that one in eight people are addicted to alcohol. Other experts tell us that thousands of people die each year due to alcohol use disorder. The one thing we know for sure is that alcohol presents a very real problem for many people which creates the need for an alcohol rehab center in Vancouver WA.

When participating in therapy for alcohol addiction, what should you expect? Let"s examine three treatment modalities you can expect to see in an alcohol rehab center in Vancouver WA.

The same individuals who created Alcoholics Anonymous founded the 12-Step Program. The program has widespread acceptance due to its success in helping people break free from alcoholism.

The foundational principles of the 12-Step program emphasize that each person:

Surrenders to their past helplessness in the situation
Makes a decision to take control of their life
Recognizes and admits they have an alcohol problem
Accepts help from others to get control of their life
Learns triggers from the past and tools for the future
The 12-Step program is a common treatment modality in an alcohol rehab center in Vancouver WA because it does work.

Most often, people trapped in the cycle of alcoholism have negative thinking patterns. It"s easy to see how this can occur because most people try to quit drinking on their own or at least make promises to that effect, then when they fail to follow through, they feel defeated.

Many alcoholics feel great remorse over their actions and think that they are somehow flawed as a person. These negative thought patterns only deepen the problem.

Cognitive behavioral therapy addresses the negativity and thought patterns and works to change those to positive. This helps build self-esteem and strength. At the same time, you engage in one-on-one talk therapy where you can trace where or why you have negative thoughts in the first place."

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