Chiropractic Care for Pregnant Women

Many pregnant women experience aches and pains in their lower back and hips as their baby grows. It begs the question: how does a mother-to-be find relief? There are natural remedies to combat pregnancy discomforts. One such holistic remedy is seeing a chiropractor for safe manipulations and adjustments.... [read more]

By Roger Barnick 4-5-2021

Relax the Vagus Nerve and enjoy the Parasympathetic Nervous System

(Video Transcript) Hi this is Jennifer Barber, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and this is a relaxation exercise that I like to teach my highly anxious and sometimes just anxious clients in private practice. So we always start by teaching how to breathe deeply and slowly using the lower part... [read more]

By Jennifer Barber, LICSW 3-20-2021

Relieve stress with these powerful breathing exercises

One of the most helpful pieces of knowledge I have learned so far in my career was from a gentleman named Eric Gentry. He is a licensed psychotherapist and a PhD of Psychology. He specializes in working with people who have experienced trauma among many other things. He... [read more]

By Jennifer Barber, LICSW 2-20-2021

Local COVID 19 Resources and local locations to get the vaccine

Finding Local COVID 19 Help Getting help during a pandemic can be frustrating. There is so much informtion out there many get frustrated even figuring out where to start. We've noticed quite a few resources popping up online for local COVID-19 information in Vancouver, WA & Clark County.... [read more]