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"The fact that Autism Spectrum Disorder exists as a spectrum means all people can place themselves somewhere on this spectrum. Indeed, the characteristics that make up autism are part of how neurotypical people (people who are not on the autism spectrum) experience the world as well. I find this to be something that allows us to more deeply empathize and understand the challenges that our friends, family members, and clients with autism face. Autism is characterized by significant impairment in 3 areas: communication, social interaction, and interests/behaviors. Let"s take a look at how neurotypical people can expand our understanding to better support those living with autism. Throughout this post, I will refer to people with autism in a variety of ways. Some individuals with autism prefer to be called "autistic" while others may prefer to be referred to as "a person on the autism spectrum". When you"re not sure how someone would like to be referred as, just ask! If they are nonverbal you can ask their family or caretakers."

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