Can a stuffed animal help your loved one with dementia?

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"If you are caring for a loved one with dementia, you may have struggled with finding ways to keep them calm and engaged. Have you ever considered a stuffed animal?

Don"t be too quick to dismiss the idea. Stuffed animals aren"t just for kids. People of all ages can find joy and comfort in stuffed animals, but those with dementia may be in a position to benefit from them a little more than most.

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If you"re a pet person, you"re well aware of the calming, grounding effect that an animal can have, especially one you enjoy a close bond with. Have you ever come home from a stressful day at work and felt some of that stress melt away when your dog came bounding to the door to meet you? Or maybe you"ve felt your tension ease a bit at the sound of your cat"s rhythmic purr as she rubbed her head contentedly on your hand."

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