Communication and relationships with self and others

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"Individual counseling often begins out of times of struggle and allows for a private and meaningful connection with a therapist while experiencing a professional context that promotes self-understanding, healing, and growth. Connecting with those who seek services begins by creating safety, understanding their unique point of view, focusing on their strengths, and collaborating with them to build a plan for treatment. Individuals are invited during counseling to seek hope in the midst of pain, courageously explore change, set goals, embrace healthy beliefs, learn new skills, make positive life choices, achieve balance, and heal.

Individual services can help...

Communication and relationships with self and others
Alleviate distress from symptoms of mental health struggles like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and mood disorders
Encourage and facilitate change associated with health topics (e.g. eating, movement, medical care)
Begin or continue the process of treating current or past trauma, abuse, and acute stress
Create healthy views of self
Combat shame patterns that promote self-sabotage
Teach and build emotional intelligence and coping skills"

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