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Blog Post posted by Alison Murphey on Inclusive Therapists.
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"Physical pain can be so much more than a headache or body ache, it can be debilitating and life altering. When we don't feel well in our body it affects us on so many different life domains. When we hurt, our personal, work and home lives all suffer. It is hard to find the energy to take on any task, let alone even engage in our personal needs. I understand and even personally recognize how not feeling well physically impacts every aspect of our life...and especially our mental well being.

There is such a correlation between body pain, migraines/headaches, digestive problems, immune system functioning, chronic health issues, etc. and the impact on depression, anxiety and other emotional/behavioral functions. As we cope with and navigate trauma our body can hold on to the emotions in a physical manner, triggering a variety of physical health symptoms that have an emotional source.

When managing chronic health issues it can even feel traumatizing and like you are fighting an up hill battle. Our mental health and physical health are highly intertwined and can trigger us in a variety of ways. Sometimes the struggle is that we don't see the connection.

It can feel beyond daunting and out of control to deal with somatic (body) pain and symptoms. As difficult as it is to believe, there is help from the symptoms. Seeking therapy and processing underlying emotions can be helpful. Addressing and confronting anger at our own body opens up the ability to move forward. It might sound strange to hold anger at our own body, but by owning it, processing it and working through it, you have the ability to decrease so much emotional and physical discomfort. Learning healthy coping tools to self soothe is a great benefit in confronting symptoms head on.

I have found several guided meditations that I use in my practice regularly to help those holding on to various forms of pain. I have uploaded one of my favorite guided meditations called the "Light Stream" already on my website.

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) can also be an out of the box tool in moving through physical pain, decreasing fear of the symptoms and building control over the pain."

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