Eco-Spiritual Consulting - An Integration of Ecology & Earth Spirituality

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"Our Collective offers a unique consulting expertise to assist in the permitting and development of sensitive natural resources in the Pacific Northwest. Our focus is to recognize the importance of balancing natural habitat conditions with the need to develop and protect urban and rural resources. Our approach is somewhat different from traditional consulting firms which are hired to develop and permit a project with minimal consideration to the impacts on local sensitivities to water quality, surface drainage, fishery habitat, wildlife usage or wetland considerations. We support the importance of the natural environment as a spiritual and energetic framework to enhance the quality of life in our region.

Our services include the following:

Site evaluation to assess sensitivity of natural resources
Review of site development objectives
Provide an overview of local, state and federal constraints
Perform a Constraints Analysis to evaluate benefits and risks

The consultation and resource review will be performed by Ron Rathburn, a consulting ecologist, who has worked within the Portland/Vancouver region for 30 years. He has had extensive experience as a project manager and scientist in the evaluation of 340 projects involving parks, trails, housing developments, wetlands, stream restoration, and protection of sensitive wildlife and fish habitat. A professional resume can be provided upon request."

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