First Episode Psychosis

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New Journeys seeks to identify people who have experienced their first psychotic episode as early as possible and to direct them to services they need.
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"The goal of New Journeys is to help people experiencing first episode psychosis get back on track with their life and achieve optimal role functioning at home, school, work, as well as with their social and leisure functioning.
The New Journeys team will partner with you by providing individual resiliency therapy (IRT), education and employment supports, family support, peer support, and medication management. The team uses a shared decision making model which allows for you and the clinicians to work together to set goals and create an action plan to achieve these goals. The program believes that it is just as important to focus on your strengths and building your resiliency as it is to treat the negative aspects of psychosis. New Journeys' goal is that when you graduate from the program you are not only in the recovery phase of psychosis but are confident in your abilities to live a fulfilling life.

Treatment can involve multiple contacts per week with the client and their family and can occur in the office, in your home, or in the community. Treatment and support can last up to two years. The individual experiencing symptoms can define what goals are important to them and receive support to accomplish these goals."

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