Forensic psychology

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Wendy Hartinger, Psy.D. provides quality court-ordered treatment & forensic psychology services in Vancouver, WA for children & adults. Call today.
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"Forensic psychology is the study and practice of psychology within the legal system. As forensic psychologists, we study psychological aspects as they pertain to issues in the law. The legal system often relies on forensic psychologists to conduct assessments to aid the court in making informed decisions for the court. Through extensive training of relevant issues, forensic psychologists become experts in assessing how psychological functioning impacts behavior.

Momentum Psychological & Assessment Services
provides clinical and forensic services in downtown Vancouver, Washington.
Our goal at Momentum Psych is to assist in identifying behavioral challenges and psychological processes that interfere with living a healthy and satisfying life. We also provide therapeutic support to help refocus on positive goals and work toward achieving those goals."

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