Glass Blowing

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"Here"s the skinny on our facilities:
The risk in the Hot Shop is pretty limited due to the 20,000 CFM air flow system that"s required to keep the shop moderately cool anyway. This brings us significantly under the ambient CO2 metrics being used as a guideline for occupancy. However, in order to ensure everyone is safe while blowing glass we have updated some sanitation measures, too. For lessons we are introducing the use of blowpipe caps or blow tubes to ensure no one is sharing the pipe, as well as requiring that masks are worn when not actively using the blow pipe for those who are not vaccinated or are uncomfortable disclosing (this particularly applies for non-Covid Pods). Interested in learning how to work with glass? We"ve got you covered with glass artists who specializing in Glass Blowing, Torch / Lamp Working, Fusing, and Cold Working. Our approach enables dedicated instruction to help you accomplish your goals. Our Glass Blowing lessons are popular because we provide a great environment and cohesive instruction to help you with your goals. We customize our lesson curriculum to tailor to those who want to learn the art of glassblowing, are looking for a fun date night, or to check something cool off their bucket list."

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