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Internet Addiction Treatment Washington WA for West and East Coast families. We fix video game and internet addictions in teens 10-18!
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"When our campers first arrive at our internet addiction treatment Washington children prefer, they undergo a technology detox. Essentially, this means introducing the campers to one another and participating in fun activities.

The second phase of education helps the campers understand what effect "screen time" has on their current lifestyle and their future. Skill building encompasses the third phase and focuses on improving recreational and social skills.

The fourth phase teaches insight and coping skills. This is what sets us aside from many other camps. Our behavioral coaches help campers understand their behaviors and how to think through situations they are put in.

The fifth phase reintroduces technology to assess usage and help campers incorporate it in a healthy manner. The sixth and final phase involves helping campers transition home and the services we offer.

If your child is already seeing a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist or counselor on video game, social media, or internet addiction treatment issues we can work together to help your child."

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