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At NW Family Psychology, we offer an array of family therapy & counseling services including child counseling & adult psychoterapy including divorce.
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"As a preferred service provider for pediatricians and family practice physicians, private and public schools, the court system, and multiple insurance panels, we have unique expertise in evaluating child/adolescent emotional and behavioral conditions, and successfully "working through" those issues. Our counseling sessions begin with a comprehensive intake assessment to better understand your child"s unique strengths and challenges. Many of our child clients are experiencing school failure, depression and anxiety, conflicts with parents, focus and follow-through problems, trouble relating to peers, as well as difficulty adjusting over their parent"s separation and/or divorce.

Unfortunately, these challenges can disrupt the developmental progression of your child and may ultimately impair their ability to tap into their potential and succeed as adults. Once we have identified the core challenges, our counselors use evidence-based strategies to help resolve the issues AND provide you with the skills to self-manage these issues over time."

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