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Your child's creative and problem solving processes happen through play and playful interaction. Let our well trained play therapy expert help your child!
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"Is Your Child Struggling with Behavior Problems?
Your child might be having screaming or crying fits at home. Or, they might be hurting their peers at school.

You"ve tried the solutions offered by your friends and family, but they are just not creating the change that you want.

Here is where a skilled play therapist can be helpful.

I can guide you in understanding your child"s behavior and in learning how to talk to your child, so they will listen. I can help you set expectations and rules that your child will follow.

We can do that utilizing Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, Filial Therapy, and Family Counseling.

What Is Child Play Therapy?
Children are amazingly complex, and they frequently have feelings that they are unable to express in words. That is because they are still working on developing their cognitive and emotional skills to verbalize their innermost thoughts and feelings.

Instead, kids use play to explore and express themselves and what they are feeling inside.

For example: a child who feels that his younger brother is getting more attention by the parents might place the Babydoll next to the Mommy and Daddy dolls while placing the Big Brother doll on the other side of the dollhouse.

What Does a Play Therapist Do in Session?
My job is to create a safe space for the child to express their thoughts and feelings.

I work hard to refrain from guiding or influencing their play.

When the child directs the play, they have the opportunity to be in control over a situation that mirrors one they probably have no control over in real life. That in turn, allows them to process their feelings.

There are times when my job entails "translating" the child"s play for the parents, to give them a possible glimpse into their child"s struggle. When I am seeing a child individually, I also see the family during the same timeframe. Some weeks it"s just for a few minutes at the beginning and the end of the hour. Other times, we would have separate family therapy sessions. This is where I will guide you building on your parenting skills and in creating effective communication with your child."

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