Sound Healing & Vibration Therapy

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"Chaz has transformed my life with his teachings. As a Reiki Master, I thought my energy healing journey was complete until I met Chaz! His energy was warm, fun and inviting. I learned about metal singing bowls and I eventually invested in buying a set in which he helped me to find the right fit for me. What I learned in his singing bowl class was phenomenal and beyond my expectations. Sound healing feels amazing! I'm using the sound healing teachings I learned from him with my clients and having so many more break throughs and healing! I highly recommend working with him!

Best experience ever! Thank you so very much for taking your time to help balance me. At this moment I feel free of any pain or stress. I feel as if you took ten years off of me. I feel light as a feather. I will book another appointment with you. Blessings!


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