Stephen's Place focuses on family and community.

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Stephens Place is a loving, supportive community home for adults with complex language, learning and cognitive disabilities.
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"What Sets Us Apart?
The challenge for many families seeking out a care home for developmentally disabled adults is knowing what to look for. Here are a few reasons Stephen"s Place stands out as a leader in the developmentally disabled adult care home community.

Stephen"s Place is made possible by the Wayne D. Kuni and Joan E. Kuni Foundation.
The mission and tireless efforts of this foundation directly support medical research for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and to enhance the lives of adults with developmental disabilities.

Community Engagement, Employment and Volunteer Opportunities
We are proud to be engaged in a community that supports our mission and encourages our residents living with developmental disabilities to experience independence through employment and volunteer opportunities. You will see our valued residents volunteering at local animal shelters, schools, coffee shops, hospital cafeterias and Habitat for Humanity.

Relationship-based Care
We believe relationship-based care provides our caregivers with a deeper understanding of each resident"s needs and conditions and allows for the most intentional and personalized care. An on-site licensed nurse is available 24/7 to provide regular medication reviews for early detection and proactive medical care. Stephen"s Place staff are not only the most skilled in their fields, they are committed to the residents they serve.

Thoughtful, Intentional Programming
Our unique programming allows residents to experience independence in a dynamic and fun way. From job coaching, volunteering and budgeting to music classes, movie nights, dance parties and monthly fitness challenges, we encourage our residents to experience the fullness of life in every way possible.

Our site boasts a beautiful, interactive and inviting outdoor space.
The private courtyard, screened-in porch and covered sitting areas give our residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors year around. Our custom-made greenhouse allows the cultivation of fresh vegetables and herbs that are used in our kitchen and served in our meals."

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