Video Game Addiction

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"Many people in our society struggle with various addictions and mental health disorders. I have helped people who struggle with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, eating disorders, compulsive gambling, and video game addiction work on resolving these underlining issues. Most people with addiction issues usually have underlining mental health issues that need to be treated for them to gain long-term sobriety. They also usually need support from other people who struggle with addictions, so at times I suggest they be a part of a sober support group of their choice. I also usually include family if available in this process because if the family is not on board or if they do not learn new ways to interact with the person struggling with the addiction it is more difficult for them to stay clean. I also ask people to look at their family of origin to help them resolve any unresolved issues there that might be driving their addictions. I do not do common drug and alcohol treatment that is usually mandated by courts because I am not a certified drug and alcohol agency. But I do refer people to them if they need to resolve mandated issues that require this."

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